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Whilst researching and scoping primary cources of evidence on the establishment and dismantlement

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The result of the search term: Computing West African and Caribbean histories booklet and CD ROM

Computing West African and Caribbean histories booklet and CD ROM

 “One, one cocoa, full pot.”  Caribbean proverb about counting and patience.

(forhtcoming 2012) Included in Computing West African and Caribbean histories:  Banyan's statistical data pack, selected images, expert text, and CD ROM.

Suitable for Key Stage 3 plus learners, this booklet covers the use and evaluation of quantitative methods to sharpen  understanding of:

•    The roots, origins, and numbers of enslaved Africans shipped to Brazil, the Caribbean, and the USA.
•    The British firearms trade as part of the transatlantic slave trade.
•    Estimates of the volume of the Transatlantic slave trade (Curtin and Inikori’s estimates compared).
•    Maroon societies, plantation castes and classes in British, Dutch, French, and Spanish Caribbean colonies.
•    Sugar price economics in selected Caribbean colonies.
•    Caribbean emancipation and apprenticeship.
•    Colonization in reverse: immigration and migration for selected British cities.

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