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Whilst researching and scoping primary cources of evidence on the establishment and dismantlement

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Banyan's Wari pack an ancient and modern number, thinking, and strategy game. ... Read More



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Banyan’s fine quality Wari packs


Our Wari boards use wood only from managed forests and are available in three colours: standard, light and deeper brown finishes. The varnish used is friendly to sensitive skin.

Our generous sized boards measure: 38 x 19 x 7 cms and 15” x 7” x 3” inches and include rope handles for easy transportation.

One board cover features the Peter’s projection (the most accurate from space) of the continent of Africa. The other uses an Adinkra religious symbol which means "immortality and forgiveness" and is our tag heuer replica company's logo.

Following ancestral custom Bayan uses traditional nickle counters in its Wari packs.

Our high quality booklet (printed on acid free recycled paper) includes information on:

•    Wari’s historical origins and the spread of the game.
•    Suggested attacking and defensive moves; the best Wari players look at both sides of the board before playing.
•    A worked example of ancient Egyptian multiplication tag heuer replica wathes .
The cover of our booklet also features Kente cloth and slave quilt patterns.

Price: £70 plus postage and handling. Banyan's Wari packs are sent by registered post.

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Banyan’s 1807 – 2007 souvenir calendar


 “Time on the cross.”

Banyan’s 1807 – 2007 souvenir calendar  marking the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade includes:

•    A cover with details of historic slave ships, commodities traded, African and British opponents of the slave trade and slavery.
•    An African Caribbean manifesto for Britain and Europe. 
•    Twelve images with brief explanations on aspects of the slave trade and slavery.
•    Suggestions for further reading.

Price: £10 plus postage and patek philippe replica watches handling panerai replica watches.

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Autumn 2012 Civil Rights trail



•    You wish to sharpen your teaching and learning about Dr. Martin Luther King (1929 - 1968) this Southern USA trail to Civil Rights sites and events is for you.
•    You are interested in Spirituals, Sorrow Songs, and how these were used by the Civil Rights Movement (also known as “The Singing movement”) this study visit will help you “Keep your eyes on the prize”.  
•    You are interested in exploring Dr. King’s philosophy of non-violence (Satyagraha “truth force, love force”) this trail/study visit is a must.
•    You are interested in exploring women’s contribution to the Civil Rights movement, this trail is essential.
•     You wish to panerai replica watches explore African American liberation theologies; this trail will stretch your mind.
•    You want ideas about improving your delivery of teaching and learning about the Civil Rights movement and the roles of Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin L. King, this trail will give plenty of creative ideas.
•    You simply enjoy learning by and through traveling this study visit is for you.

Price:  £1,500 inclusive of flights, transfers, and half board accommodation. A deposit of £500 is required to reserve a place on the Civil Rights Trail.

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Illustrated Banyan (1986) Caribbean heritage booklet


 “Those who have died have never, never left,    
The dead have a pact with the living.”    Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Illustrated Banyan (1986) Caribbean heritage booklet, through and with Leicestershire Museum Service.
offers a short overview on aspects of:

•    West African history (100 AD – 1500);
•    The Transatlantic slave trade (1445 – 1807);
•    Caribbean history; and
•    The history of the black presence in Britain.

Price: £5 plus handling and postage. This booklet will be sent by registered post.

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Computing West African and Caribbean histories booklet and CD ROM

 “One, one cocoa, full pot.”  Caribbean proverb about counting and patience.

(forhtcoming 2012) Included in Computing West African and Caribbean histories:  Banyan's statistical data pack, selected images, expert text, and CD ROM.

Suitable for Key Stage 3 plus learners, this booklet covers the use and evaluation of quantitative methods to sharpen  understanding of:

•    The roots, origins, and numbers of enslaved Africans shipped to Brazil, the Caribbean, and the USA.
•    The British firearms trade as part of the transatlantic slave trade.
•    Estimates of the volume of the Transatlantic slave trade (Curtin and Inikori’s estimates compared).
•    Maroon societies, plantation castes and classes in British, Dutch, French, and Spanish Caribbean colonies.
•    Sugar price economics in selected Caribbean colonies.
•    Caribbean emancipation and apprenticeship.
•    Colonization in reverse: immigration and migration for selected British cities.

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